Exercise plans and diets can’t compete with this effective method for natural weight loss…

Simple Script Eliminates Emotional Eating...In Just A Few Sessions!
(No Willpower Required)

Through 1-on-1 video sessions or video course you will change your eating habits and start gradually losing weight.

At the end of the process you will be able to:

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How does this method work?

Check the videos below to see people before and after the process !

Heya, Mika here! Before working with Andrei I had an urge to eat snacks whenever I saw them. I had a hard time resisting eating snacks that were put infront of me, I would feel an overwhelming urge to eat them. And eat them all! If a bag of chips were opened, the bag was soon empty! But after just 2 sessions with Andrei, my snacking impulse was gone! I could see snacks and not feel I had to eat them (all)! Today I can see snacks and I can choose to eat them, or leave them be! It’s a much greater degree of freedom of choise than I have ever felt before when it comes to eating snacks. They’re not in control anymore. I am! So thank you immensely, Andrei!

Before working with Andrei, I struggled with emotional eating. I used to promise myself I wouldn’t eat candy that day, only to fail later in the day and get mad at myself. I felt like I had lost all willpower and like weight-loss would be forever impossible.
After just a few sessions with Andrei, I stopped feeling at the effect of my circumstances. I no longer felt compelled to have sweets, so I was able to comfortably say no to dessert or candy without feeling deprived. I lost 7 lbs as a result without doing anything.
Today, although I am not at my goal weight yet, I feel confident that it is only a matter of time (and a few more sessions) till I can put this life-long struggle behind me. Marie

We’re going to offer a 66% discount for 1-on-1 video sessions and the video course about how to use the method on yourself for people that will back our project during the crowdfunding campaign. 

About Me

I am a 28 years old inspiring emotional and behavioral changes facilitator living in Paris, France. Growing up, I was surrounded by family members with eating disorders. We cooked a lot of fatty foods and we would tend to clear all the food set on the table which led to obesity and severe health problems affecting most of us. Personally, I was addicted to sweets. Sometimes my daily intake of sweets could surpass my food intake. I believed that sweets were the solutions to different emotional states that I had. Later I discovered that this toxic relationship with food wasn’t only in my family but many households in my community that I visited as a kid or while growing up. The problem was more common than I had imagined. 10 years ago, I began a journey of self-discovery and behavior change but I had no positive results until 3 years ago when I finally found a method that was working. I dedicated 14 months to training in the skill of changing my undesired emotions and behaviors. I was able to completely transform my relationship with food and change all my addictions to sweets and overeating.  It was a tough journey which led to my desire to help other people.

I have currently dedicated my life to helping others with eating disorders. Millions of people are suffering from overeating and my goal is to help them live a healthier life. For these people, the journey of losing or maintaining weight can be a painful one and at times they can give up. Since I went through the same journey, I am able to feel their struggles and helplessness to produce a lasting change. The best thing about the method that has helped me is that it does not require any struggle. So far, I have worked with about 20 people and offered more than 300 hours on 1-on-1 sessions. I keep improving my skills since I want to ensure I deliver the desired results and offer my support throughout the journey. I believe that everyone desires a better life.  My goal is to reach a wider mass, changing one life at a time by assisting those who need my help. This method will transform lives by enabling participants to eat less, to stop eating when they are satisfied and to have control over how much they eat. To make this possible we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign that will make me able to complete the certification program and create the video course.

My goal in life is helping people with eating problems because I believe I can make a difference in this area. Submit your email before the launch and be among the first people to join our special waiting list for the official release of this project.
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